Terminus Technology Inc.

Establishment and Mission Statement

Terminus Technology Inc. is a professional fabless IC design house. Founded in 2006 by a group of highly experienced IC designers in Taipei, Taiwan, we are a Research and Development oriented company. By focusing on what we do best — developing state-of-the-art IC design, we pledge to offer our customers the best solutions there can be — be it in terms of performance, quality, power consumption, and overall cost.

Terminus Technology's first product in the market — High-Speed USB Hub says it all just by itself. With superior architecture design, solid physical layer design, and comprehensive power control, it reaches the highest performance with the lowest power consumption of its class. Even at a very competitive price, the quality shall be maintained at the highest level.

At present stage, Terminus Technology will concentrate on developing industrial standard, high-speed serial-bus based, IC and IP products for PC peripheral, and consumer electronics related applications. With the fast progress in these fields, our customers and partners could always count on us to be their reliable advanced technology source.